The Techno-Judiciary: Sentencing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

By Harry Grindle In the era of artificial-intelligence (AI), algorithmic technologies are everywhere. AI’s emergence into the field of law has been rapid and there is no doubt that machine learning algorithms have begun to influence sentencing decisions in England and Wales. Computer assisted sentencing is already in the courtroom, offering informational aids to assist […]

Seeing and Treating Neurodiverse Individuals in the Criminal Justice System

Gavin Dingwall, Head of Policy and Communications, represented the Sentencing Academy in a panel discussion with Professor Penney Lewis, the Law Commissioner, and Lauren Costello, Deputy Chief Prosecutor in the Northeast of England, at an international symposium on ‘Seeing and Treating Neurodiverse Individuals in the Criminal Justice System’ held on 14 March and hosted by […]

Mental Health and Sentencing Seminar

The Sentencing Academy was pleased to collaborate with the University of York to hold a ‘Mental Health and Sentencing’ event on 6 March 2024. Addressing the theme of the day, there were three  speakers covering different areas of the mental health and sentencing field, followed by an insight Q&A session chaired by Professor Adam Crawford, […]

How distinctive is Scotland’s new approach to sentencing guidelines?

By Dr Jay Gormley and Professor Julian V. Roberts   The new causing death by driving offences guideline is the first offence-specific guidance issued by the Scottish Sentencing Council. It is certainly a distinctive moment for the UK jurisdiction, which has its own unique criminal justice system and legal and cultural history. But how unique […]

Colin Pitchfork and the Complexity of Parole

It has been reported that an application for reconsideration of a Parole Board decision not to release Colin Pitchfork has been successful. This does not mean that Pitchfork will automatically be released from custody. Rather, it means that his case will be considered again by a new panel. This blog post details the chronology of […]

Sentencing Academy participates in the Inaugural Scottish Sentencing Research Symposium

Gavin Dingwall, Head of Policy and Communications at the Sentencing Academy, was invited to speak at the inaugural Scottish Sentencing Research Symposium at the University of Glasgow on 24 November 2023. The Sentencing Academy was delighted to co-host the symposium with the Scottish Sentencing Council and the University of Glasgow. Guests from across the United […]

Restorative Justice Week 2023

Restorative justice can be delivered at any stage of the criminal justice process including being part of any sentencing disposal. Indeed, when we look at the statutory purposes of sentencing and the goals of restorative justice we can easily identify common aims, particularly around making reparation and reducing reoffending. It can be used in sentencing […]

Launch of the House of Commons Justice Committee Report

Several members of the Sentencing Academy attended an event at Portcullis House on 8 November to launch the House of Commons Justice Committee’s Report Public Opinion and Understanding of Sentencing. Executive Director, Professor Julian V. Roberts, was invited to respond to the Report’s findings and proposals. The Committee’s research involved polling 2,057 adults in England […]

The King’s Speech

The last King’s Speech of this parliament, delivered on Tuesday 7 November, included several Bills which will significantly reform sentencing in England and Wales. What this suggests is that the government see criminal justice as a vital issue at the next general election. The major reforms are found in a Criminal Justice Bill, a Sentencing […]

Contemporary Issues in Sentencing Seminar: Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd

The Sentencing Academy were delighted to join forces with the Centre for Law, Crime and Justice at Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd to hold a ‘Contemporary Issues in Sentencing’ seminar on 18 October 2023. In keeping with the theme of the series, there were three papers on topical issues in sentencing followed by lively audience […]

Contemporary Issues in Sentencing Seminar: Durham University

The Sentencing Academy was delighted to co-host a seminar on Contemporary Issues in Sentencing with Durham Law School on Wednesday 11 October 2023. The seminar series brings together speakers working on current aspects of sentencing policy and practice. Presentations are aimed at a general audience and the events are designed to allow ample time for […]